The new year is approaching rapidly. Whilst reflecting on 2018, we feel confident to make a few predictions for the No Code space in the coming year. Here they are:

1. Competition

Many new No Code platforms have emerged this year. The term “No Code” has been widely used by suppliers all of the globe, sometimes stretching the very definition of it. We expect 2019 to continue this trend. While new comers are entering the market, incumbent parties have reduced their pricing to attract more customers. We expect increased competition. This year we witnessed the acquisition of Mendix by Siemens and Outsystems raising a $360 million investment from KKR and Goldman Sachs. Arguably, these two platforms might be more Low Code than No Code, although these two categories are rapidly moving towards each other. Microsoft is also raising the stakes with its Powerapps.

2019 will be a dynamic year for No Code and we expect to see the first signs of a shake-out.

2. Artificial Intelligence

In 2018 we already saw No Code platforms becoming more intuitive and user friendly. A next steps is the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. The platform will make suggestions to the user: “It looks like you are building a CRM, is that correct?” When answered with yes, the platform immediately offers the full-fledged functionality of a CRM, which only need to be configured. No Code already sped up development with a factor up to 10, AI will accelerate that even further.

3. Shortage of qualified No Code consultants

Although there is a big difference in the profile of a traditional software developer and a No Coder, both profiles continue to be very much in demand in 2019. It takes time to master a No Code platform and with the emergence of new platforms, it is challenging to find qualified no Code resources for your organization. Webbit21 is a No Code network organization. We help customers with our No Code expertise and our flexible implementation force.

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