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With great excitement are we anticipating the release of the new WEM Modeler. According to WEM, the new version will be called WEM 4.0. As soon as it is available to us, we will share our findings. We can already share that it will contain many new features. The WEM Modeler itself will be fully browser and platform independent. That means you could even create applications on a smart phone!

Coming soon: the new WEM Modeler

On the WEM Conference of 2017, you might already have seen a sneak preview of what is coming. Certainly, it will feature enhanced collaboration functionality, allowing for even faster Rapid Application Modeling. The entire user interface will be overhauled, making the UX very smooth. We will update the videos on the Webbit21 Youtube channel.

Online WEM Training

Once we have access to the Beta version, we will start creating and updating the online WEM training. However, you don’t have to wait to get started with WEM. We are more than happy to help you. We offer in-house WEM training and WEM Mentoring services. Check out our WEM trainings page or contact us directly.

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