New member app in only a few weeks

Marijke Huijbregts
Chairman Nationale Bond voor EHBO

For our first-aid federation (Nationale Bond voor EHBO) with over 13.000 members in 280 affiliated associations we were looking to replace a legacy member administration system.

In our old system we managed the data of our organisation, the affiliated associations and members. We were looking for a new online tool that would do what the old system did, but faster and more securely. But above all we wanted to be able to add more functionality quickly if the need would arise. If we wanted new possibilities in the old system it would often take several months.

We asked Webbit21 to build the new app for us. They managed to do this in only a few weeks. They also took care of the data-migration to the new system. We were impressed by the new system itself, but also with the speed and flexibility of the Webbit21 consultants. We have asked them for several new features since the launch of the new system and every time this was done within a few days or even within a day!

In the meantime we have offered our new app to other first-aid organisations, the first of which started using the app recently. We are confident to do this as we know that future requirements of other users can be easily and quickly implemented by Webbit21.


Working with us

Meeùs belongs to one of the top three insurance advisory companies in the Netherlands, with about 72,000 business clients and 300,000 private customers.

Jeffrey Heesen, head of Construction and Infra departments, and Eelko Heuvelmans, product lead for Marketing, are proud initiators of the new WEM tools.

“With our previous vendor we hit limitations quickly,” Eelko explains. “After we saw the demo, we quickly started working with WEM and decided to develop three systems with the platform.”

The first and most important system is the revision application. This system was built within three months by WEM Architect Douwe Roelofsen. Douwe is self-employed and decided to specialize in WEM and join the network organization Webbit21.

“Douwe is a winner!” says Eelko enthusiastically. “I like his proactive approach. He asks smart questions and stays constantly connected with us. He asks questions that my team and I didn’t even think of in the first place. It helped to accelerate the process. It’s a great and efficient way of working together.”


“Working with and understanding our customers is crucial in our business. The Webbit21 consultants act as true business partners. They think ahead, come up with innovative solutions and help us to grow our business.

David Veenman, CEO Cuble

Build your own learning environment


“It was a great collaboration. I indicated what I wanted and it was published in no time. This enabled us to learn and develop with our growth.”

Madelon Eelderink, Founder

effective and practical

As an Owners Association with 40 houses and members we had a range of different wishes. Our website had to be a source of information, an archive over the years, an efficient means of communication, as aesthetic as our ‘Amsterdam School’ houses and very easy to use.

Webbit21 really understood our wishes and came up with effective and practical solutions. The site was quickly built, according to the offer. Requested changes were implemented without any problems, and the after sales was adequate. So, after all, we’re quite satisfied, with the results and with the personal contact.


Herman Berk, Chairman ‘Owners Association G.J.Rutgers’, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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