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We build perfectly customized software for your business.
Lightning fast.

Launch 10x faster | Cloud & native app experts

Web applications

Enterprise grade applications as a total cloud solution, with the option of private cloud or ‘on premise’. Beautifully designed in line with your demands. Standard multi-language support. Meets the highest safety requirements.


Integrating with your ERP or legacy systems? We realize integrations based on SOAP, Rest, ODATA or import from CSV, etc. We also build middleware applications to interconnect your systems.

Mobile apps

Do you want to extend your web application to mobile platforms? In no time we bring your application to iOS and Android as native apps. Includes support for GPS, camera, push messages, etc.


We understand your applications needs to be modern and smartly designed. We implement your corporate identity or create a completely new design. We work with top designers who are brimming with good ideas.


Would you like to test a new product? Instead of a functional design or mock-up, we build a fully working MVP in less time that your intended users need to test it.


We are happy to help you explore and structure your demands and opportunities. With your business processes and users as a starting point, we guide you to concrete plans and start building on the spot!

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Why choose us?

  • Value & Purpose driven business applications
  • 10x times faster development speed than traditional approach
  • We launch your applications in just days
  • Perfectly customized solutions
  • Highly specialized and carefully vetted solution experts
  • Clients range from startups to Dutch Ministries
  • Unmatched work ethics
rapid application modeling

Our mission

Our mission is to transform IT from being a limiting factor, to a fully supportive and highly adaptable system for business growth and innovation.

We build highly customized business applications extremely fast. We are a true business partner to our customers, and high quality work and relationship are of vital importance to us.
We believe the world is ready for a new way of working where openness, transparency, sustainability, purpose and cooperation are self-evident.

Our clients

Our clients work in different industries, ranging from start-ups and multinationals to ministries.

What they have in common is that we work with them for a long time and that they appreciate and value our approach.

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