Modern physicians accredit Hippocrates with being the father of medicine. Much has been achieved in the treatment of illnesses since, especially with the help of technology. However, few people are aware that the famous Greek physician dissociated the healing art from the other sciences of the temple and thereby established a precedent for separateness.

This separateness spread to all parts of society and business and it continues to date as isolated individualism.

The relevance of this?

You might wonder what this has to do with No Code. A lot actually.

Many corporate and especially IT initiatives fail. They fail not because of lack of resources, not because lack of knowledge and experience. All essential ingredients are present. The problem is: the expertise is compartmentalized. Every department, every individual has its own isolated territory, and within this limited scope, full autonomy is claimed. By doing so, the overall objective is lost.

Increasing the success rate of IT projects

No Code can bridge this gap and significantly increase the success rate of projects. This however is not done because of the No Code platform, which in the end is merely a tool (albeit it very effective one). It is because of the quality and experience of the No Code practitioner. With an integrative approach, this individual is able to bring the different experts together to cooperate and synthesize a unified and powerful solution.

No Code skills

Next to being an implementation tool, the No Code platform functions as much as a communication tool as well; lengthy discussions about “how it is going to look like” or “how it will work” are no longer needed, when the answer can be created on the spot.

To accomplish this, a certain skill set of the No Code practitioner is required. We have described the specific skills in our No Code whitepaper, which is free for you to download.

no code whitepaper

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