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You have seen a demo of WEM. You know what WEM is. Or you have witnessed how fast a complete business application can be created. Perhaps you got excited about listening to a WEM enthusiast. You decided to take matter in your own hand (have you read learning WEM or hiring WEM consultants?)Or you want to learn Rapid Application Modeling to pursue a promising career. In any case, you want to learn WEM yourself. Here are three ways of how to learn WEM.

WEM Tutorial

For people who want to have a thorough start with learning WEM, check out the WEM tutorial ( Take the time for it and you will be guided step by step in creating your first application in WEM and you will learn what Rapid Application Modeling is.

Online videos

If you don’t have much time and are more visually inclined, we suggest you check out the Webbit21 YouTube channel. Here you will find a series of online WEM Training videos that will get you up to speed fast.

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Follow a WEM training course

You want to know how to learn WEM best? Well, nothing beats following a WEM training. To get the most out of WEM, you require a new mindset. Our WEM trainers have vast experience and will share with you many practicalities. This ranges from how to sell and how to work effectively with the client. Webbit21 gives the official WEM trainings at WEM. Next to that, Webbit21 organises in-house trainings, live WEM online trainings via webinar, tailor made trainings and WEM mentor programs. Check out the WEM training.

Happy WEM-ing!

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