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We are a flexible workforce of independent professionals who are able to produce powerful IT solutions in a short time. We do not believe in endless IT projects that only cost money and generate frustration across all those involved.

Instead, we only do the things that make sense. And that, we do very fast and at high quality.

Are you an (aspiring) No Code Professional?

Webbit21 is a network organisation of No Code professionals. We form an active platform for professional development and matching project assignments.

– You are an independent IT professional, or
– you are an independent professional with IT affinity
– You are a self-starter and a fast learner
– You have an analytical mindset and knowledge of business processes
– You have detailed and excellent communication skills
– You are willing to invest some of your time and energy in helping Webbit21 grow

Join us

You will be able to earn good income, be part of a fast growing organization and have real positive impact on the future.

Our keywords: Freedom, responsibility and creativity. We are quite different in this compared to regular companies. We truly believe in responsibility.

We are looking for you! We offer you a vibrant community platform that allows you to generate business with each other. Webbit21 offers you the sales tools, marketing vehicle, training, success formulas and above all access to the network of highly skilled No Code professionals.

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