A new idea, a fresh business initiative, a rapidly changing business landscape, the discovery of a profitable untapped market. Perfect situations to get into action. However, the corporate structure might not cater for a swift and adequate response. Prototyping as a Service might be the solution.

Missed opportunities

All too often, initiatives fail within the premises of the corporation. Before even having seen the marketplace, the idea is cast aside or forgotten. Clashing priorities, budget discussions, corporate politics; all these elements constitute roadblocks. Obviously, excellent communication and intrapreneurship are key for successful materialization of the new idea. Yet, it is not enough.

Too little, too late

Venture capitalists will be eager to point out: an idea is worth nothing, execution is worth everything. In this dynamic world, the Time to Market becomes shorter and shorter. Corporations can not any longer wait, be idle and dwell in fanciful thinking.

Powerful solution

Fortunately, the emergence of No Code platforms have changed the playing field. Now it is possible to create an MVP within a short time with limited resources. The power of a working prototype is easily demonstrated. No Code makes many discussions become obsolete. The focus changes from “It is impossible or difficult” to “How can we make this even better”. The No Code prototype becomes its own powerful ambassador.

Prototyping as a Service

Still, the organization requires No Code expertise. Furthermore, prototyping experience is essential for successful rollout. For organizations that do not have the combination in-house, Webbit21 offers its Prototyping as a Service.

Can we help you?

Within a very short time, Webbit21 creates a prototype for you, together with you. We would typically host a workshop where all stakeholders are present. During the discussions, SIMULTANEOUSLY, we build the prototype. The prototype rapidly becomes the central talking point. The focus is set on the end result. The prototype is immediately visible and tangible. People typically discover new possibilities and create new ways of collaboration during these workshops.

Interested in cooperation with Webbit21 in the launch of a prototype? Contact us and we’ll get you going as soon as possible.

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