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WEM Solutions

Here you find an overview of ready-to-use IT solutions that Webbit21 created:

Online community platform:

A one stop fully configurable solution for community management. Functions include: forums, messaging, connecting, user management, broadcasts, social media integration, event scheduling, reporting and much more. This platform was built with the experience of online community managers, so it is not just a fancy technical platform, it actually works!

Event Evaluation Tool:

A fast, efficient and configurable way to receive feedback on your event. Whether you want to evaluate a training, workshop, conference or program, this tool gives you all the possibilities, from sending reminders, to attendee management to reporting.

Hour Registration system:

Do you require your co-workers to register their worked hours? The Hour Registration System helps you to make sure the booking is done in a timely and effective manner. It is fully responsive, so that consultants can use it on their mobile, tablet and computer, any time. It comes with full reporting functionality.

Online learning environment:

Built by trainers, for trainers. All functionality bundled in one platform: creating an online learning environment is not only easy and fun, it perfectly matches the requirements of trainers, teachers and educators.

Our solutions is suitable for small and large organisations.

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