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What is WEM?

All this excitement about Rapid Application Modelling! But what is WEM exactly?

WEM is a powerful all-round business application platform. Clients will enjoy the many features and the ability to integrate using web services. With WEM, changes to the web applications can be made rapidly on the fly.

Fully functional, highly interactive web applications can be made, including interfaces to other corporate or external systems.

Also, it has the ability to co-create, where in conversation with the subject matter expert the environment is modeled in real time, offers new capabilities in customer service and short turn around application development. From rapid prototyping to production as quick as the subject matter experts are able to communicate their needs, application development in real-time.

With WEM, full business applications can be created from scratch up to 5 times faster than when using tradional programming. Furthermore, since WEM development allows for frequent and even on-the-spot client interaction, the business application can be altered immediately as business requirements change.


 An introduction in WEM…

  • Fast and easy application modeling
  • Integration with existing applications and data
  • No programming or technical skills required
  • Build and maintain your own applications

WEM provides a new approach to software development. Software development with WEM becomes easy, fast and really agile. WEM makes a good effort in keeping technical IT details away from the developer. As a result even people without IT- experience can create web applications, allowing Rapid Application Modeling.

Because of both the easiness and the speed of development, the process of developing web applications with WEM becomes really agile. It allows for “real time application development” where you sit with the user and develop the application jointly.

Despite the easiness WEM does not pose any limitation on development. More experienced developers can still use complex constructs with WEM if needed.

Interested to find out what WEM can do for your organisation? Contact us and we are more than happy to give an on location demonstration and discuss how we can help your business.

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