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No Code IT Solutions

Webbit21 offers organizations fast, flexible and thorough IT solutions with No Code platforms.

No Code Consultancy

Our consultants provide you with the best IT solution and advice for your business.

No Code Advisory

We help you match the right No Code platform with your organization.

No Code Training

We offer high quality No Code educational training programs.

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prototyping as a service

Prototyping as a Service

A new idea, a fresh business initiative, a rapidly changing business landscape, the discovery of a profitable untapped market. Perfect situations to get into action. However, the corporate structure might not cater for a swift and adequate response. Prototyping as a...

Mobile No Code – MeetUp with Appsheet

The people at No Code Community in NL are organizing another Meetup in The Netherlands. This time a platform that specifically focuses on mobile apps. The name: Appsheet. AppSheet was recently named as one of the leaders in the Mobile No/Low Code Forrester Wave. This...

Fixing Hippocrates’ effect with No Code

Modern physicians accredit Hippocrates with being the father of medicine. Much has been achieved in the treatment of illnesses since, especially with the help of technology. However, few people are aware that the famous Greek physician dissociated the healing art from...
no code community

Join the No Code Community

Let's say you are interested in developing solutions using a no code platform, but don't know where to start. You are already using no code technology to build solutions and would like to meet people doing the same or want to help others making their first steps in...
WEM Essentials training

WEM Essentials training

Webbit21 is the official WEM training partner. To meet demand, we are now organizing the online WEM Essentials training. This training is ideal for people who want to get up to speed as soon as possible and don't want to spend a full business day in a class room. In...
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