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Webbit21 - No Code consultants


We believe the world is ready for a new way of working in which honesty, transparency, purpose and cooperation are self-evident.


We are a true business partner to our customers. We work with you, not for you. We are a network organization of highly skilled and experienced professionals.


Webbit21 creates custom software solutions using No Code platforms.

No Code IT Solutions

Webbit21 offers organizations fast, flexible and thorough IT solutions with No Code platforms.

No Code Consultancy

Our consultants provide you with the best IT solution and advice for your business.

No Code Advisory

We help you match the right No Code platform with your organization.

No Code Training

We offer high quality No Code educational training programs.

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Accelerate your business with No Code


Learn how you can you mobilize your organization to adapt No Code.

We teach you how to choose the right No Code platform for your organization.

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what is no code development

What is No Code development?

So what is No Code development? It seems that new No Code platforms are born everyday. Some suppliers interpret the term "no code" quite literally. My coffee machine at home is in that sense also no code. There is not yet an established clear definition, but the trend...
digital transformation

Digital Transformation benefits from No Code

Your organisation is going through a digital transformation programme. This has its ups and downs while trying to deliver according to expectations. Digital transformation programmes are essentially change programmes that need to cope with resource shortages,...
no code soft skills

What are the 5 soft skills to accelerate your No Code app development?

Here is what I think made Webbit21 the most sought after No Code consultancy in Netherlands. 5 soft skills that makes us successful in No Code projects.

no code 2019

3 predictions for No Code in 2019

The new year is approaching rapidly. Whilst reflecting on 2018, we feel confident to make a few predictions for the No Code space in the coming year. Here they are: 1. Competition Many new No Code platforms have emerged this year. The term "No Code" has been widely...
hiring no code expert

5 watch-outs when hiring a No Code expert

Once the decision has been made to embrace a No Code platform, personnel needs to be trained in order to get started. Quite often, companies decide to jump-start the development by hiring external No Code experts. This way, no time is lost and personnel can learn by...
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