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Webbit21 offers organizations fast, flexible and thorough IT solutions with No Code platforms.

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Our consultants provide you with the best IT solution and advice for your business.

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We help you match the right No Code platform with your organization.

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We offer high quality No Code educational training programs.

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We teach you how to choose the right No Code platform for your organization.

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digital transformation

3 reasons why digital transformation has slowed down

We have been talking about the digital transformation for a number of years now. And although many interesting developments keep appearing that are part of the transformation the exponential change that was predicted by many does not seem to happen. 3 reasons why the...
too fast

No Code can be too fast for an organisation

Earlier this year, I was working with other entrepreneurs in a startup to develop a new service as fast as possible. The service included an application to support the service. We started very enthusiastically using WEM as platform because we could very fast develop...
start with no code

21 Reasons to start with No Code

21 reasons why should start experimenting with No Code No time, no budget, no resources. There are many excuses not to start something new. However, you might miss out on a great revolution that is starting. It could mean you miss out. We have compiled a list of 21...
prototyping as a service

Prototyping as a Service

A new idea, a fresh business initiative, a rapidly changing business landscape, the discovery of a profitable untapped market. Perfect situations to get into action. However, the corporate structure might not cater for a swift and adequate response. Prototyping as a...

Mobile No Code – MeetUp with Appsheet

The people at No Code Community in NL are organizing another Meetup in The Netherlands. This time a platform that specifically focuses on mobile apps. The name: Appsheet. AppSheet was recently named as one of the leaders in the Mobile No/Low Code Forrester Wave. This...
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